Before we dive into the ways to overcome anxieties, let’s know what these anxieties are and how they happen to be in you.

As Single parents, we know we have many difficult situations that cause us to be fearful.

For instance, financial crisis and homelessness can often put someone in a position of fear mode since they are legitimate crises that make them question their security on the deepest level imaginable.

In these circumstances, healthy fears sometimes prompt protective responses or conversation pieces when confronting wounds we haven’t dealt with and may not even realize are causing our choices.

Real moms & their irrational fears


Although graphic, these conversations perfectly depict how irrational our fears can get and that we are not alone in having them.

It is of utmost importance to see a professional if you struggle for longer than usual with anxiety and your irrational thoughts go beyond your control.

What is an irrational fear/thought?

  • Irrational thoughts are often a repetitive cycle of nonsensical thoughts, which for the way you see the world and people around you. It will affect your relationships negatively and change how you see the people in your life.
  • It can lead to unhealthy emotions and create destructive habits like overeating, drinking, smoking, or drug use.
  • These are often unrealistic but affect you and your ability to function in day-to-day life.
  • Irrational thoughts make it hard to make decisions, often leading to irrational behavior and adverse outcomes. Seeing it like that becomes a vicious cycle that doesn’t serve you or anyone around you.

Physical signs you are having an anxiety attack or irrational fear:

These are all physical symptoms of fear. On the next page, we explore some emotional symptoms of having irrational fear and phobias.

Emotional signs you are having an anxiety attack or irrational fear:

Although fears, negative thoughts & anxiety feel like they are at the steering wheel, there are many ways to regain control and stop being in the passenger seat of your own life.

Let’s further explore ways of overcoming these fears. Are you ready, Mrave?

Affirmation daily journal.

Journalling is the best way to practice stopping thoughts. Write down any negative or unwanted thoughts during the day, and then write down helpful messages to correct them.

If you do this daily, accurate, helpful thoughts will soon come naturally to you. You can set a reminder to work on a particular issue or activity for an allotted amount of time per day, break down the thought process into chapters, and make notes about the dominant thoughts, which may be helpful when dealing with mental illness.

8 easiest ways to overcome anxiety & fears:

1. Get some exercise. Those feel-good hormones will have you. feeling tip-top in no time!

2. Meditate. Take some time out and just be quiet. Have a moment of things you are grateful for.

3. Stress about cash? Work on a budget, keep your slips and monitor what you spend your money on. Soon you will regain the feeling of financial control.

4. Self-care. Do you know the value of a face mask, pedicure, or hot bath? Go ahead, put yourself first for a change!

5. Meet up with some friends. Some one-on-one time with friends can heal the soul. Have a good laugh and put things into perspective again.

6. Introduce a healthier diet. Good food goes a long way. Plan & prep meals in advance if your weeks are too busy & stressed for cooking.

7. Mother’s guilt. If you feel you are not spending enough time with your child, Schedule special mommy and me time for re-connecting with your son and or daughter

8. Mental health check. If you struggle with mental illness, it is always a great idea to chat with a psychologist about your issues.

Hope this helps, For me it worked. ūüôŹ