If I can say in other words it’s a Nurturing Resilience and Insights from a Single Mom and her Seven-Year-Old.

In a world filled with diverse family dynamics, single parents continue to demonstrate their remarkable strength and resilience. In this heartwarming interview, we sat down with an extraordinary seven-year-old child who is being raised by a single mom.

Together, they have overcome challenges, celebrated victories, and forged an unbreakable bond. Feel as we delve into their unique journey, uncovering valuable insights into the triumphs and trials of single parenting.

Discover how this tenacious duo has navigated the highs and lows of life, illuminating the power of love, determination, and unwavering support. From the laughter-filled moments to the tear-stained nights, their story serves as an inspiration for all single parents, reminding us that even in the face of adversity, a family can flourish.

Get ready to be captivated by the heartfelt anecdotes and timeless lessons shared by this remarkable pair.

So We had a telephonic chat with Shyala Smith and her 8-Year-old son Eric. Shyala separated from her husband for two years.

Me: Hey Shyala! How are you? How is little Eric? I missed that cute face so much. His warm hugs and his fascination with bubbles and monster trucks, haha. Does he still play with them? I miss playing with him and his cute little expressions of joy and laughter.

S: Hello! Yes, Eric is doing just fine. He is a busy kid now with his soccer classes and painting classes. And his love for monster trucks still prevails! He is around. Do you want to talk to him? He would love to.

Me: I would love to! It’s been a while!

S: (On the phone) ‘Eric, say Hi! This is your aunty. Do you remember her?’ (On the phone) ‘Hello, aunty. How are you?’

Me: Hello, handsome! You are such a big man; I missed playing with you and your monster trucks. Do you remember playing with your red and black toy trains? Blowing bubbles and running around in the garden?

E: Yes. I go around with my friends to play with those even now. (Long pause) Can you come to play with me now?

Me: Oh, that is wonderful, you must have so much fun with your friends then; I wish I were there too, but I have to go to work. But I promise to come there and visit you soon! We can play and run around and do whatever you like!

E: Okay!

Me: Have you been having fun with Mommy during your summer break? What did you do for fun?

E: Mommy was very busy with work always. She never took me out to places before. She was very scared, and she would always cry alone.

Me: Oh no, but I hope you know she is doing all the hard work for you to have a secure future, right? Doesn’t little Eric want to be a famous soccer player growing up?

E: Yes! (With complete happiness) But I wanted to spend time with Mommy also. She did not like to be around her friends. She looked very scared. One day I saw her crying alone. I went and hugged Mommy, but she was very sad.

Me: That must be hard for you to see, right? How did you feel when you saw Mommy was crying? I am so happy that you hugged Mommy! She must have felt better right?

E: She hugged me, but she was scared. I also felt sad to see her like that. She did not talk to any of her friends and did not let me play with other kids in the park. (Pauses) Mommy always told me not to go to birthday parties because she did not want to. I felt alone and felt like crying.

Me: I’m so sorry, Eric, that you felt that way. But you are such a brave boy! You think about your mommy so much, that is so good! Did you ever talk to Mommy about how you feel?

E: I told her I wanted to go to Tim’s birthday and she said no. I was very mad, and I screamed and asked her why. (Silent for a while) I told her I felt bad I could not go, and all my other friends were going. My friends tease me for not going anywhere, making me very sad and alone. (With a low tone) But Mommy took me to Tim’s birthday, and I was happy again! I played and ate cake! Tim had a Minion cake!

Me: Wow, a minion cake! That is wonderful! I am so jealous, and I want some too! How is a mommy now? Does she take you to more places?

E: Yes, my friend Tiffany and her mommy and me and my mommy went to a movie yesterday and also had ice cream! It was so much fun. She talks to her friends now and also plays with me more. I like seeing her smile, not cry. Mommy also does many exercises now. Sharon Aunty (Shyala’s gym coach) teaches Mommy some exercises. She looks very happy when she exercises. She also grew some veggies in the garden. Mommy loves gardening. In school, my teacher taught me about different plants. I like the different colored plants Mommy has in the garden, and I want to water them.

Me: That is such a good idea! And I love how you are helping Mommy out with the garden too. Always be like this, Eric. You are such a good boy. I will meet with you soon, okay?

E: Okay, Aunty, I will show you the garden when you come, bye!

Me: Bye!

S: He was so happy to talk to you. Please come and visit us sometime.

Me: Of course, I will; you have a lovely boy there, Shy! Love you girl take care.

S: Love you too, bye!

Do you see here, what they both went through? So if you can resonate your self with any of the incidents you have to know that you’re not alone in this journey and there’s nothing we single moms can not overcome or can not do. You get it, girl!