Being a single mom can be awesome because:

  1. You get to make all the decisions for your child without having to compromise with anyone else.
  2. You develop a stronger bond with your child because you are the primary caregiver.
  3. You become more independent and self-sufficient.
  4. You have the opportunity to set a positive example for your child by being a strong and resilient role model.
  5. You have the potential to create a close-knit support system with other single moms who understand the unique challenges you face.

I know this was all about parenting and bonding with your kids but about yourself. Have you ever wondered what your life has become after you left that nondemanding relationship?

I know everyone has a different journey, being in a relationship is beautiful but being in an unwanted relationship is awful. It was like you’re chock-full of your own bs.

But once you have that freedom your life is completely different. Don’t know why people pity us when they heard we’re single moms. duh. We know we’re single but we know we chose that. and that’s not a punishment. But they won’t understand the feelings we have that comes with those struggles.

Trust me it takes time to realize how decluttered and uncomplicated and easy life has become. People keep harrowing about how sad it is that they forget the brighter picture.

Being single is a lifestyle, a luxurious one. Wanna know why? here’s the list of the greatest things about being a single mom.

1. You can throw away your damn phone

No need to worry where the charger is, no need to recharge your phone, no Goodmorning calls, no late night calls, Whatsapp last seen stamp can go to hell. The phone which was permanently stuck on that ear of yours can now rest in peace.

2. Sleep tight

Yes, now no one will call you at 3A.M asking you to sing songs because they are not able to sleep, no booty calls, no long texts. Sleep like a log.

3. Eat what you want

Who cares you are fat? No one. You are sexy and you know it.

4. Save lots of money

NO need to buy gifts, cards, make cards, recharges, dates, or anything. You have all the money that you can spend on yourself and feel like a boss.

5. No endless arguments

Oh God! The argument about how you said something 3 months back. Why you did not say Hi in the corridor? Flush them down the gutter.

6. Admire all the handsome and goodlooking people around-

Find someone hot, and say it. It’s time to start fishing, plenty of fish out there.

7. No insecurities


8. Go out with anyone whenever you feel like

Enjoy with friends, make new connections, and live life king-size.

9. Focus on career

Pursue your hobbies, and invest time into what you like.

10. Watch and enjoy things that you like

No need to oblige someone with what you hate from your guts.

Enjoyyyyyyy Mraves. Being a single mother comes with its own set of challenges, but it also offers a multitude of advantages. Embrace the luxury and freedom that accompanies single parenthood. Take the time to appreciate the independence, personal growth, and joy that being a single mother can bring. Enjoy every moment of your journey, and live your life to the fullest!